V & Scaffolding Ltd offer the best scaffolding services for homeowners, local authorities and commercial contractors. We incorporate design, erection and dismantling throughout London. We offer high quality scaffolding services in following stages:

Planning and Design:

First of all we get a team do a survey and evaluate the potential risks on any proposed site. Our professionals will also brief you about your project requirements, budget & time frame. Good planning saves lives, money and time. We make sure that we provide you a perfect design meeting your requirements. We always devote a great deal of time and energy in this phase to get the optimum results.
Our team is capable of accommodating all the requirements from simple to complex scaffolds. We also provide necessary additions like temporary roofing, sheeting and more.

Scaffolding Erection:

After finalizing the design, our team arranges supply to the site to carry out the installation. We ensure quick delivery, as we have terminals throughout London. We work hard to provide a reliable, professional and safe service with good time management. Our experts and field workers are energetic, fully equipped and well-trained. That’s why they give a faster response especially in any emergency situation. Our outstanding record is evidence of our passion & commitment towards the safety and health of our employees, clients and the public.


Though dismantling is very complex and tactical, we have experts with the all the skills needed to carry out the work in this phase. Our professionals invest preparation and care for perfect dismantling of your scaffolding, by keeping in view all necessary security measures. We are schedule-sensitive, and use the best labor and material control systems that have been developed internally, from years of experience. We always apply the best resource management policies, to be as productive and efficient as possible.

Whatever your needs, with V&A Scaffolding Ltd, you can trust us rest assured!

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